Energy For Days

Written by GT on November 29th, 2011

Nowadays, your travel computer can do everything; my iphone is my book reader, audiobook/music player, movie screen, picture taker, and communication device.  However, with great power comes great power usage.  And it seems like the speed and capabilities are far outpacing the available battery juice that they can cram into small mobile packages these days.

So if you’re worried about being stuck in coach, or the backcountry, without an outlet in site, you might want to consider the following options for a backup battery.

Monoprice Universal Backup Battery ($42) – This unassuming white box is actually a 7800 mah battery with two outputs.  With this many milliamp hours (mah) at your disposal you could charge up your iPad (~6900 mah) fully, and have some left over for your neighbor’s iPhone (~1400 mah).


Mophie Outdoor Juice Pack ($120) – If you’re on the phone a lot and can’t afford the hassle of your a battery box hanging from yourphone via USB, you might want to go with something a little more fashion-forward.  Perhaps something in Hunter Green and Safety Orange?  The Mophie attaches to your iPhone 4/4s as if it were a protective, but this case comes with 2000 mah of juice.  The big plus with the outdoor edition is the “Outdoor Edition” app that allows you to download maps for offline use in your backcountry adventures.
New Trent iFuel ($27) and iCruiser  ($53) – The iFuel sits nicely in the middle of the playing field, holding 5000 mah, enough to charge up your phone a few times, or to pump up a tablets fuel for the last leg of a long flight.  However, the iCruiser is a beast of a battery, carrying 11,000 mah’s under the hood.  Need to recharge you and your friends tablets during a flight? Done.

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