Google Helps You Fly

Written by GT on October 4th, 2011

Google is expanding its flight shopping offerings with Flight Search and On-The-Fly apps (AndroidiPhoneBlackberry/Mobile) to bring all of Flight Search’s features to your phone.  While there’s no real breakthrough technology here (many of these features Kayak has had for a while), it is a clean and minimalist search offering in a easy interface.  The Calendar feature that allows for adjusting the departure and a return dates based on flights is easier to use and manipulate than Kayak’s offering.  And the Destination feature (much like Kayak’s Explore feature), isn’t on a separate site, you simply tell it where you’re departing from and it automatically shows you fares nearby (like the image above).

According to a few reviews around the web, people are finding that Kayak still has more destinations and offerings, but I’m sure it won’t be long before Google catches up.


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