MoviePeg: Now your iphone can be a 3.5-inch TV

Written by GT on June 20th, 2010

MoviePeg is an ingenious little stand for your iphone 3g or 3gs.  For only $10.35 ($7.40 plus S&H to the US), you get a solid piece of rubber (err, actually Thermo Plastic Elastomer, a recyclable material) that acts as a perfect stand for your iphone (and unofficially the Nexus One).  Go ahead, watch movies, read, surf — all hands free.  Or use it to make your iphone into a standing alarm clock.  Or use it as a simple tripod for your iphone’s camera.

I can attest to the usefulness of this kinda product on long flights.  I usually rip and convert some movies to my ipod touch for plane flights, but after about an hour get really tired of holding it.  Turns out my custom case acts a stand for itself wedged into the tray and seat in front of me — and good thing, because the moviepeg doesn’t work perfectly for ipod touch.  However, the MoviePeg makers are planning specific version for the iPad, iPod, and iPod touch in the future.


(via TUAW)


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